A market in which there is frequent trading. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary
Trading in the security has commenced or the security has been re-activated after a suspension in trading. Euroclear Clearing and Settlement glossary

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active ac‧tive [ˈæktɪv] adjective
1. FINANCE if trading or a market is active, there is a lot of buying and selling:

• Hong Kong shares advanced in active trading.

• These markets are among the most active and volatile in the world.

• Gold was active again today, with nearly 70,000 contracts changing hands.

2. [not before a noun] COMMERCE a company that is active is selling products or services:

• The company has been active in Italy for more than 25 years.

3. if someone is active in doing something, they do it:

• Foreign companies have been active in making friendly acquisitions.

4. taking definite action rather than just giving advice or waiting to see what will happen:

• They are calling for active government intervention.

• The company will begin an active asset sale program.

• She wanted to take a more active role in the running of the company.

5. actually employed in doing a job:

• They have looked at data on their active and retired employees' medical records.

6. BANKING an active bank account is being used

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active UK US /ˈæktɪv/ adjective
busy with or involved in a particular activity: active in sth »

He expects to remain active in commodity trading in London.


She claims to be active in almost every aspect of her business.

doing something practical rather than allowing a situation to develop by itself: an active member/participant »

He has been an active member of the Executive Committee since 2004.

an active part/role »

Employees who take an active part in the project feel more involved and more responsible about the results.


active participation/intervention

active in sth »

We would expect countries whose firms are highly globalized to be more active in adopting e-commerce.

See also PROACTIVE(Cf. ↑proactive)
FINANCE involving a lot of buying and selling of shares, etc.: active buying/trading »

Trading was most active in five-year maturities.


The session was active early, but volume dropped off after midday.


This made Intel the second-most active stock in U.S. trading.

used to describe a company that is selling goods and services or doing business, especially in a particular place: »

Whitbread was especially active but several other brewers were also buying at the rate of 20 or 30 a year.

be active in sth »

The company is active in a wide range of businesses, including oil, chemicals, and construction.


Over the last ten years, the company has become active in Europe.

working or being used at a particular time: active accounts/cardholders/customers »

The company has more than one million active cardholders, with about 44% of all group sales being made through the card.


active employees/members


The organization releases a weekly survey of the number of active oil and gas drilling rigs in the U.S. and Canada.

IT relating to programs, etc. that are being used at a particular time: »

Click the associated tab in a bar running across the screen, and the selected page opens in the active window.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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